The old Chinese Proverb saying that a picture is worth a thousand words is every bit as true to-day as when it was first written many years ago. Perhaps even more so because of our current trends in how we choose to learn new things today as opposed to thirty, even just ten years ago. To-day, when we want to learn how to do something we want to see it in action.  As a result, we have multiplied the power of the old Chinese proverb by stringing together thousands of pictures. Welcome to iNfinite Answers Video Training.unerplogo2 Video  

The intent of this web page is to provide snippets of video to help you understand how tasks are executed in iNfinite Answers, your best erp software. When you want to know how to do things like print a check, reverse a posted transaction or correct a previously entered transaction, this is where you can come take a quick peek as to how it is typically done.

Of course, not every possible topic one could imagine will be here right off the start. But new ones will appear very frequently over the next few months. Will it ever be complete? I certainly hope not. Knowledge should always be a growing thing and with that concept in mind, being complete will never happen.  We will come up with new ideas. Users of  iNfinite Answers will come up with new ideas. As new ideas emerge, new videos will be developed. It is hoped that just about everything you might want to know about “How to use  iNfinite Answers” will eventually be available on several dozens of short video clips. Our objective will be to try to keep the videos to 3 to 5 minutes in duration if and when at all possible – shorter will be even better. Whether this is in fact realistic or even achievable, only time will tell.  This SAAS has some similarities to open ERP software but much simpler to use. We want you to see how.

One thing for certain is that this page will always be “on the move”.  so we welcome you here often.

A 6 Minute Video on the unERP ERP from the 40.000 foot level.

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