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A New Era in Business Management

Business today depends on computer-based operations.  What should a business system do for a business owner?  Most people say it depends on the business, but does it really?

  • No matter what a business does: manufacture, transport materials, service clients or equipment, handle finances or legal papers, dispatch and schedule, provide medical or personal care, anything…; in iNfinite Answers, everything that happens is a transaction or a series of transactions.
  • Accounting, production and inventory control, financial planning, market strategies, payroll, taxation, audits, all reporting and analysis; is compiled from the transactions.

iNfinite Answers is the most brilliantly simple and effective business management system available today.  Its strength is in its simplicity.  This simplicity makes it easy to use, easy to modify and expand, and very affordable.  This list notes the key points:

>       We have not found any system or ERP anywhere worldwide that approaches iNfinite Answers in versatility, simplicity, security, cost-effectiveness, operational speed or ROI.

>       iNfinite Answers comprises three components: IBM i on Power and PureFlex servers, software designed and developed to work uniquely on the IBM servers and operating system, and service/support by 3B Dataservices of Saint John.

>       iNfinite Answers has never been accessed by a hacker and has never been infected with a virus.  IBM i on Power servers prevent detection by any unauthorized intruder.

>       iNfinite Answers records each and every transaction that happens, the what, along with who, when and whereiNfinite Answers permanently retains every detail of every transaction in its original form.  Data is never altered, moved, duplicated or overwritten.  There are no data silos and no unique file formats to support a particular report or function.

>       There is only one transaction database for any business, no matter the size. Every item of information about the business is always simultaneously and instantly available to multiple users.  Activities as difficult and complex as audits are very quick and easy with very little input from the business client.

>       iNfinite Answers is almost infinitely scalable to a small single-function business or a giant multi-faceted enterprise.  It easily adapts to growth or downsizing without incurring additional costs every time the business scope changes.

>       iNfinite Answers delivers complete confidence in system data because every transaction has to meet and pass strict verification checks before writing to disk.

>       Permanent unaltered data makes error and fraud investigation simple and almost instantaneous.  Every activity leaves an audit trail that can be easily tracked.

>       iNfinite Answers enables and exhorts a natural and simple progressive workflow of all corporate data and reporting. iNfinite Answers gives new users the same operational capabilities as experienced specially-trained workers in giant corporate enterprises.

>       Permanent unaltered data enables retroactive analysis back to the start of the data history, even studies that weren’t considered at the time.

>       iNfinite Answers allows a business to be as diversified and dynamic as the imagination.  Test scenarios can be created, run and analyzed without any impact on existing operations.

>       iNfinite Answers supports as many modules as any business could want for any purpose, all of them running simultaneously, while all data remains instantly accessible.

>       3B provides all standard business modules such as accounting within the base price.  Technical support is normally covered by the monthly user fee.  Our philosophy is, “Why should we charge you for what we should have done right the first time?”

>       Setup costs of iNfinite Answers are much lower than other ERP systems.  There is much less requirement for IT capability within the client’s organization, while administrative and operating costs for the whole enterprise system can be much lower (typically 50-70%).

>       New modules can be added quickly, easily, without affecting existing operations, and at low cost.  Training of users and development of new applications is fast and easy. Custom modules to perform any reporting or analysis function can be developed and provided in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of modules compared to popular ERPs.

>       System updates and hardware upgrades are normally invisible to the business client, being performed remotely by 3B and IBM with almost no input from the business client.


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