Introduction:  Zooming…  an essential to survival, is developing winning strategy - it’s the fun in being competitive.  In an ERP thet  Zooms  – There’s A Million Ways  Not Only Survive – But Prosper Too.  This brief article explins what zooming is about and why the iNfinite Answers seamlessly integrated workflow  is a tool for both growth and survival.

1160562 digital dreams Zooming The first simple truth:

Every business begins with a “winning strategy”. For certain, somebody in your organization, once had a great idea. At least it was thought to be great enough to start a business on or else we would not be able to present these truths today.

The second simple truth:

You will likely remain in business continuing reasonable profitability as long as someone else doesn’t intervene with a better winning strategy than that presented by your current business model.

The third simple truth:

No matter what service you provide or how, someone, somewhere, knowingly or unknowingly, is plotting a better winning strategy.

The fourth truth:

Probably not so simple: No one knows more about your business than you do. Your ERP solution, even your Microsoft ERP system has every last item you have ever sold, every last service ever performed, for whom and for when, for as long as you have been in business – all at your immediate disposal – does it not? You are thus far better equipped with analytical data than any competitor could even dream of being.  Thus you are far better able to create new winning strategies than any possible competitor. (Are you not? Has reality struck?)

Business is really very simple.

The right product or service at the right price at the right time.

As we all know, the real trick is being able to second guess all of those factors in advance. No one can ever be absolutely certain what they are but we do know that an essential tool of winning at the guessing game is both having and exercising the ability to ZOOM.

Infinite Answers, is what Zooming is all about. We didn’t write the book on it nor did we invent it. We didn’t come up with all the answers either. That’s your job. But, – we are here to help.

In ways you never before imagined!


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