iNfinite Answers – On Our Server – SAAS

Intruduction:  When you want to cut your IT costs to the bone. Maybe you  want a SCM ERP or a construction ERP and have exhausted days researching various ERP Vendors and delivery methodologies. Now here is a very real cost concious opportunity. One that works. This is it! 

imagesCA1N730Y iNfinite Answers   On Our Server   SAAS Good Reasons Why People Use iNfinite Answers by 3B Dataservices Ltd. 

 SAAS or ASP Cloud Business Services

1.  Virus free environment for your mission critical data.

2.  Very low capital investment required.  
3.  No technical personnel  required. 

4.  Cost sharing. Even the smallest of businesses get the technical help. 

5.  Always leading edge technology, operating systems and the latest in software updates without the hassle of reinvestment in new capital assets. 

6.  Access to personalized program development and “how to” support. 

7.  Leveled cash flow – no surprises.

8.  No “client” application software installation – just plug in and go. Everything runs on the host server.

9.  Off premises backup.

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