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Introduction:  Some people like to be in complete control. They have the human resources and the ability to maintain their own server. They may want to create some of their own reports and don’t mind all the work involved in looking after backups, security and all those tasks associated with the physical aspects of an information system. It really does not matter a great deal to us. This page represents a short list of some of the key benefits of the IBM Power Server.

chick 300x198 iNfinite Answers   On Your Computer Getting all your ducks in a row is critical to achieving a smooth erp implementation. One of the primary erp business objectives is to consolidate process management. If it were not, why would one even bother to consider an erp implementation in the first place?

 To get everyone on the same page means simultaneously getting all of your information and tools into the exact same working environment.  No silos, no duplication. Our server of choice not only allows us to do just that but this seamlessly integrated workflow accounting and information system is also engineered to optimize the power and operating characteristics of the server itself.

 There is a reasonably good chance there will be only one server, not a server farm…

  •  Un-planned downtime will become non-existent
  • It will never need a Rebooting as a Solution
  • It won’t require an army of worker bees to keep it running
  • Security will be resident – not something tacked on as an afterthought
  • You wont have to assemble the database, middleware, backup software, and language compilers – it all comes fully integrated from the ground up
  • Upgrades will be a breeze. You will not have to worry about compatibility to the next release level for your application software
  • Scaling out – nope! Even at 90% usage, running 24/7, you will continue to run at near maximum capacity and speed
  • It will continue to be an industry leader in the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO)

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