Introduction:  Are you finding this web site different?   If so, it’s probably because it is.  Whenever I have asked other organizations how to do something, the response has always been: “In order to be successful… “. And invariably they then go on to tell me exactly how everybody else is does it and that I should do the same… whatever the topic is about. What I have learned is that success really isn’t that at all. This web page will lead you to many surprises. I hope you have fun! It’s a wonderful journey. Oh yes, I almost forgot… I’m Ron..   Ron Bunn of 3B Dataservices Ltd.

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The world is full of free advice on attainment of success. In fact, an over abundance of it. However, I have come to the conclusion that most of the people who are passing out free advice either don’t understand what success really is or they really don’t want me to be successful. I am not sure which.

In retrospect, and in all honesty, all those people of whom I sought and received their advice, they were truly doing their very best. It was advice they had learned and were passing on from someone else. Therein is the root of the problem. They had not personally experienced what they were making advisement of. That makes a huge difference.

Learning from a textbook or classroom and personally experiencing something are two very different things. First of all, knowledge that is un-experienced is sort of like gossip.  Secondly, knowledge unapplied is not knowledge at all. It is deadlock and deadlock goes nowhere.

By both definition and by inference, not being like everyone else is being different.

Being different means taking a long hard look at what matters and what doesn’t and getting rid of what doesn’t. Have you ever stopped to think about how much you neither want nor need? Have you thought about how much of your money is going down that Gaping Hole?  (NOTE:  Scattered red letter words are links to other pages)

Being different means coming back to an almost child like curiosity and simplicity to quench your thirst for a simpler life. The world of technology thrives on complexity and confusion but it can just as easily make your life very simple. It’s not a matter of perspective as most would like to think.  It’s a matter of how we use our greatest resource of this age – information. The computer systems we work with every day should not be complicated nor should they be continually offering up their never ending glitches. Done correctly, computing environments can be forgiving beyond your wildest dreams and simplicity as plain and clear as the common lead penciliA198X256 Success

So, are we different?

You bet we are!


Because being different is the key ingredient in the recipe for success.

Success is not in being the same as everybody else. It is only through our uniqueness that we each become truly strong.

The nicest part about being different to be successful is that you don’t have to be a whole lot different. Sometimes just a little bit will do. That old adage that says you only have to be one percent smarter than you are right now in order to be 10 percent ahead of everyone else is also quite true. Interestingly enough, being even just a little bit different is usually quite easy.

What you have to do in order to be more successful in business is figure out through zooming what those little differences are and how you can make those differences work in your favor. Zooming is the key essential to on-going ERP Planning and the execution of an effective ERP project.

So,..  success really is a two step process.

We get new ideas by sifting through our vast storehouse of information. Our storehouse of information comes from the many thousands of pieces of data at our disposal. The more data we have and the more reliable the data, the higher the probability of coming up with high quality new ideas. Our new ERP technologies based on the concepts of seamless workflow are made possible through bubble technology and emanation, making it possible for us to deliver both in house and software as a service (SAAS) options to save you both time and money.

We learn how to do new things by trying out new ideas. We grow businesses by taking the more promising ideas, those tested ideas and commercializing them. Unlike traditional ERP systems, iNfinite Answers is an “information first” and “accounting second” stystem and is exceptionally good at that.

As for free advice – if you are looking for some, I have none for there is nothing that is truly free. There is a price to be paid for everything. Our seamless workflow technology took many years to develop. To that end a huge price has been paid. We encourage you to call us and we will gladly discuss your business concerns for the future or our offering and it will cost you nothing, but as for advice, – the ultimate decision is and will always be yours.

iNfinite Answers has been extremely successful.

It is probably one of the most successful pieces of business software ever written.

Not only in being different and in doing the things we have done, but also wonderfully successful in helping our client base in the many successes they have achieved.welcome22 Success

Our objective is to help you be different too. We don’t confess to have discovered the secret to success. We simply found a way for you to adopt it – with simplicity, ease of use and affordability.

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