IBM Power and a Simple ERP

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IBM Storage DS8000 Series

The new IBM DS8880 Family is a world class Hybrid Data Systems made for the future of business. This family of business-critical hybrid data systems spans a wide range of price points. The family is powered by the next generation of IBM's proven DS8000 platform and delivers critical application acceleration, uncompromising availability, deep synergy with z Systems, and industry-leading capabilities.

Featured Products

IBM DS8886

IBM DS8886

Helps accelerate mission-critical applications with up to two times1 better performance, backed by 24x7 availability and superior functionality for multi-site replication, and deep z Systems, Power, or distributed systems integration-all provided in a dense yet expandable package

IBM DS8884

IBM DS8884

Enables organizations to overcome storage challenges with advanced, easy-to-use functionality for running critical workloads on mainframes, Power servers or distributed systems, either as a dedicated platform for consolidated systems or for multiple platforms-delivered within an affordable, flexible and space-saving package

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