Introduction: Whenever a company dies, I often think it would be valuable to assign an independent investigator to determine the cause of death, similar to an autopsy when a person dies. No doubt the common outcomes would be “lack of funding”, “faltering markets:” and “inappropriate management practicses”. The underlying reason, however really is simply a lack of focus. It takes the right information and the right tools to get and remain focused.

iNfinite Answers by 3B Dataservices is designed, built, supported and wholly owned by 3B Dataservices Ltd.

Company Information

3B Dataservices is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and software developer.

Our Focus: Emphasize the value of people and promote the development of personal inspiration through what should easily be your most valuable resource – timely and pristine knowledge.


(1) To reduce business costs for Canadian corporations making them more competitive in a world economy                    

(2) To keep/restore and ensure more jobs here in Canada

(3) To advance Business IT and Business Administration to new levels of use and accountability

(4) To reduce the staggering amount of Canadian IT dollars leaving Canada through foreign ERP channels   

(5) To assist Canadian companies in achieving their very best in Due Dilligence    

The inherent difference between iA by 3B and competitive systems is both subtle and huge. The primary difference however is this; Competitive systems are engineered from a concept of “What do we get?” or “What are the Results?” which is also the primary focus in almost all competitive supplier software proposals. In other words, they are intensely “bottom line” results orientated.

Alternately, iNfinite Answers is very much behavior and process orientated. We strive to develop top performers by working with them to give them the tools they need to set goals to help them improve their behavior and process rather then focusing on outcomes. This means developing tremendous self-confidence on the part of all employees. To help you and your team build self confidence we take complex tasks and make them simple; long tasks and make them short; vague tasks and make them specific; and high-stakes tasks and make them risk free. This is all based on the concept that if a business as a whole concentrates on the bottom line and fails to put concentrated effort into modifying behaviors and processes, results will very likely never improve.

Therefore, results are not the real issue.

Getting the job done efficiently and effectively must become the number one issue in every company.

Helping Businesses reap the benefits of Information Data

Our system has been installed in a variety of service industry organizations, transportation, healthcare, security services, distribution and manufacturing. Most people whose objective is to sell erp modules tend to advertise or portray themselves as experts in a very specific line of erp consulting.

With us, the ERP  is not the real issue. Neither is it selling you ERP modules.

You are! Our concern is making everyone’s life in your company as simple as possible while increasing both productivity and efficiency. iNfinite Answers is just a tool to help us get you there. Neither of these issues relate nearly so much as to what you do in your business, as how you do it. Continual modification of process and behavior are essential to continued improvement and success in any industry. This is what true enterprise resource planning erp is really all about. This is the unleashing the true power of the seamlessly integrated data workflow design.

Perhaps you feel that your company is already doing everything possible in order to be as productive and as efficient as you can possibly be. That being the case, it would be useless to spend further time looking at iNfinite Answers or considering its merits.

On the other hand, if we have sparked your curiosity, but you are still not convinced, we invite you to participate in a 3 minute, absolutely no obligation,personal analysisto help you determine what your next move should be.

iNfinite Answers is a new concept in ERP systems engineering, built on innovative developments in database management. Avoid the complexity of costly integration and gain the benefits os the rapid implementation of a fully integrated workflow processes. We offer you a clean, totally seamless database environment promoting security, versatility, flexibility, simplicity, and ease of use.

For thousands of organizations, our new technologies will mean that even the smallest of companies, as well as the large, can now gain benefits which would normally be afforded by only very large companies – easily and affordably. Web-sphere enabled, this browser based, Internet ready system is developed on a new concept of bubble technology which allows us to seamlessly integrate a broad range of functionality (modules) making it rich in feature and function.

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