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Introduction:  Sometimes there are things we want to know, then there are other things we want to see that physically bear witness to the issue at hand. No more so than to-day. Everybody wants the visual picture. The problem with pictures is they need common thought reference tags we can relocate them with. The problem with this is that different people have their own thoughts as to what those tags should be. This is how with S4i Systems we resolved the issue – almost perfectly!

780093 girls blue eye Desk Top Imaging The Perfect Backbone for Desk Top Imaging

Because it is a natural workflow accounting and information system, iNfinite Answers probably represents the most highly structured ERP information database in existence.

Here is how and why that is so important to desktop imaging and the reliability and usefulness of your information system. Desk Top Imaging could be one of the greatest additions you could possibly add to your ERP software adding infinite value to the usefulness and effectiveness of your erp system.

Everything that happens, is about to happen or ever did happen is defined as a transaction. Every corporate transaction resides is in the same file whether it is source data, active data or historical, whether created moments ago, last month or ten years ago. Every corporate transaction has the exact same record format, but at the same time, may, side by side, have very different meaning. Every transaction has an implied meaning by virtue of its virtual positioning within an all inclusive, beginning to end, workflow process and process. Not only is every transaction created, stored and processed as a unique object unto itself but even the individual detail of transactions are handled by system processing as unique objects unto themselves. It is truly one of the most powerful, most unique information files in existence. Flexible beyond comprehension – yet structured to near perfection.

It is because of this structure and flexibility of its purely digital data that it also becomes the perfect S4i P2 Desk Top Imaging backbone for what is one of the most difficult, most challenging, of all data mediums to capture, catalog and retrieve – and that is none other than that that of imaged documents

iNfinite Answers, is unique in that virtually any kind of hard copy transaction can be “desk-top” captured, sub classified as to its nature, and attached to any preexisting digital document within the natural workflow database at any time thereby giving what is normally highly unstructured data, the ultimate in data structure.

The amazing thing about this is that outside of a single, simple database file and corresponding program used to give each image or scanned image a unique number and allow the user to define it’s nature, it took a mere five lines of code to integrate desktop imaging into the entire system – good for every conceivable type or style of document imaginable, existing or yet to be developed.

What does this really mean?

It means that scanned images get referenced and attached to your data, the exact data it belongs to, not something that you may or may not be able to locate later.

The system automatically creates all the horizontal and vertical relationships providing logical paths of reference and retrieval.  

Imaged documents support electronic documents and there is no real limit on what one can attach to an electronic document in terms of scanned image classifications and attachment notes. For further information we invite you to please visit S4i Sytems.  

Fact: Nothing in business is a problem until an issue arises.

Fact: Having the right information and all the appropriate supporting documents at ones instant disposal is key to rapid resolution.

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