Smart Software for ERP Design Reduces Stress

The three ways to reduce project costs are:

  1. process modification,
  2. process elimination or
  3. complete reinvention of the process

 The seamless workflow information and accounting system, iNfinite Answers, is the latter.

 Reinventing the ERP eliminated a huge number of common ERP processes. Reinventing also meant modifying some of the basic information thought processes about how and why we have ERP systems in the first place, which in turn, resulted in a perfect opportunity to make most of  our remaining processes unquestionably simpler and much easier to use. 

 Rather than figuring out how we could modify the methodology to integrate modules, we took a long hard look, not at what others were doing with software for ERP but rather, at what we believed to be the ultimate objective of ERP integration, what it was supposed to achieve and then we made what may prove to be the most significant change in information systems engineering in over forty years.

 We eliminated modules.

 As a result, iNfinite Answers was born.

 By so doing, we eliminated virtually all the problems associated with the aspect of working with integrated modules because there are no longer modules.

  • Gone are the ERP module timing constraints
  • Duplicate data silos are gone
  • Gone is the requirement for ERP integration services.
  • Dozens of file-to-file update programs have vanished.
  • Dozens of data verification programs have disappeared.
  • Dozens of live transaction data files are gone forever.
  • Disk space storage requirements, by transactional comparison, have dropped to probably less than 20 percent of the disk space typically required by traditional ERP systems per transaction recorded.
  • Source data files have all but entirely disappeared.
  • All those difficult (Frequently Impossible) to access history files have vanished.
  • Dozens of traditional “by module” menus are no more
  • Data entry programs with multiple successive-screens have disappeared.
  • Waiting time once attributed to the completion and close of prior month data capture before proceeding with the current month transactions has totally departed.
  • Gone are month end stress days – every day is a normal work day
  • Those “Who did it?” questions no longer exist – we always know who did what
  • Manual efforts to move summary or detail data to other modules are no longer a part of your daily, weekly, monthly or even annual tasks
  • Gone is the complexity of correcting errors, we simply instantly reverse and replace
  • Gone is the bewilderment of trying to figure out what all the transactions were to complete a given chain of events
  • Information integrity is no longer questioned
  • Misplaced transactions no longer exist


 That’s not all the things that are “Gone”, but the list does cause one to wonder what, if anything, is left, doesn’t it?  The truth is: less really is a lot more.

 The most important issue resolved by having a totally seamless workflow system is that the probability of finding out what you need to know when you need to know it increased dramatically.


 There are two key reasons why.

 First of all, because vertical and horizontal relationships are characteristic of every transaction recorded in the seamless workflow. No piece of information ever stands alone because there is always a relationship to something else – somewhere.

 The second key reason is because data is not removed from a seamless workflow. As a result, everything that ever happened, regardless of when, or where, or how, is always instantly accessible. 

 Getting back to the things that are gone from the seamles workflow, the real reason they are mentioned in this article is because they have gained significant importance for two stupendous reasons.

 First of all, when things no longer exist, those same things also no longer require maintenance.

 Secondly, something else now supersedes all the above listed issues. iNfinite Answers is a totally seamless, consolidated. natural workflow.

Consolidation and natural workflow engineering made it so that hundreds of the things we were once concerned about and fretted over no longer exist. User work load is dramatically reduced. When work load is dramatically reduced, life gets a lot simpler and our jobs gain a newfound peace of mind and a delightful ease of use.

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