Modules and Functionality of the unERP

Unlike traditional ERP and accounting systems, iNfinite Answers is capable of running virtually any number of modules. The difference is that all the unERP’s transaction modules are virtual, not integrated physical files. What does that mean? It means that anything you want to imagine, as long as it records the movement of goods and services, is recorded as a transaction by virtue of a defined virtual module. Sometimes even things that don’t!

The only modules not truly virtual are Time, General Ledger, Payroll and Inventory.

In terms of modules supported, what does iNfinite Answers actually do?

Think of it this way…..

On the purchasing side of business, think of everything between creating a purchase order to paying the invoice. Then add to the front of that wish lists and RFQ’s. To the other end, add to that clearing paid checks and bank reconciliation procedures.

On the sales side, think of everything from sales quotations to billing to depositing the money in the bank and that includes back orders and partial payments.

All transaction in one file!

Then think of all the things you might want to do along the way.  Payroll calculations, job costing, equipment costing, time recording, process costing, fabrication processes, manufacturing, work order processing, whatever your mind can imagine for whatever purpose you might want to use it for can be an active module in the iNfinite Answers unERP.

Add on to that a comprehensive Inventory and a general ledger that lets you instantly drill down into the detail behind everything in it, for as far back as many years you have been using the system.

Now add a comprehensive Inventory for goods in process, goods for sale, retail, wholesale and whatever else you might imagine. Don’t forget about tracking where everything came from, and where it went too. The system is perfectly capable of that as well. Inventory item recording can include serial numbers and specific lot numbers and we didn’t make a mistake there either. You can have the pleasure of tracking both at the same time.

All made possible because of IBM i on Power – simple, easy to use and affordable.

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