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Using Your Computer to Promote Conception

Everybody’s looking for the big event in their lives. Everybody’s looking for that great eureka in their business. But you know what? That’s not what life is all about. Life is about little things. Life’s about “just amazing” little things.

 It’s amazing “little things” that matter simply because it’s the little things that are amazing, not greatlightbulb1 ERP Management Software mind-blowing eureka events – not even in business.

What we are really talking about is details. In today’s society, we have become so intent on expecting and looking for eureka events we have come to want to ignore the details. We are passing details, the little things, off as being inconsequential, unimportant.

As just one small example, in typical ERP management software environments, after the fiscal year end close has been done, income taxes calculated and financial statements filed, it is still relatively common to remove all detailed data pertaining to prior year transactions from the system, particularly the detailed transactions. It would appear that the only good reason for recording all those transactions were to calculate the taxes and satisfy shareholders.

While in this day and age, taxation and financial reporting may be good reasons for going to all the trouble of recording a company’s transactions in great detail, they are definitely not the greatest. There are other reasons far more significant, unfortunately other reasons that are ignored due to the inherent shortfalls of typical business ERP small software systems which are modular in concept and design. They also function on the basis of removing the detailed data with regularity in order to free up sufficient disk space and speed up information retrieval for the later (current) fiscal year(s).

 In our daily lives, a simple example of the negative effects of this shortcoming is the requirement for “add-on” sub-modules such as SCM and CRM, just to name a couple of the numerous ones that could be cited. The truth is, if the details of all the transactions were kept on line, these sub-systems would be required only in a very brief format and would require only a tiny fraction of the effort to set up and maintain. 

 It may be a very simple example, but in this little example alone, for most companies, implementing these systems can consume tens of thousands of hours of effort to simply maintain on an annual basis.

 Details, details, details, – and we say the devil is always in the details. What a lie.  Details are doorways to opportunities. Doorways we have been taught to ignore – even systematically close and it should not be. The real devil is in our belief that details are unimportant, so we get rid of them.

To further explain, I want to digress for just a moment, and then come back to this idea about the importance of details.

Conception, – now there is a big word! We give a lot of thought to acts leading to conception but we rarely think very much about the little tiny detail of conception itself. Conception really is one of the most amazing events we ever lived through. Had we not, neither you nor I would be here to-day. Conception was a great idea..  It works so well and is the basis of all procreation for just about every species on this planet.

But that’s not all. There is yet another conception possibly just as great!

We as humans have something else, just as important, just as exciting and no other species on earth has this powerful ability. The ability to conceive ideas in the brain!   And that’s where conception in our lives is so very awesomely powerful – right in the brain. You see, the neat thing is, few people know that the word conceive really means imagine, envisage, visualize, envision, picture and consider.

There is virtually nothing that man ever does or accomplishes that is not first conceived in the brain. . We have been given the power of thought and reason, a power that is lost and useless unless utilized.

And the key to using it is details. Why? Because, the conception of new ideas comes from very little things- details, the little details – always. Big events are never conceived. Big events evolve as a series of small events. They are either the culmination of hundreds if not thousands of little details or simply colossal disasters.

 And you might argue by saying that someone invented the computer or the automobile. Were those not eureka events? No, they came about as a result of thousands of very small, even tiny, detailed events.

We believe the fully seamless workflow information system is a wonderful idea. Sometimes we would like to think it is a great eureka. But it wasn’t. iNfinite Answers came about as a result of the conception of hundreds of tiny detailed events.

But far greater ideas will come from the use of the iNfinite Answers – from your own ideas. That is exactly what the system is designed for.

You see, your computer can help you conceive.

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