The Key to Effective Innovation – Soft Step Diversification

Soft Step Diversification – Key to Effective Innovation

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 “Factors we have created that the industry has never before offered.”

 I think just about everyone understands the fact that if we want things to change, our economy included, we are going to have to change what we are presently doing.  

 If we continue on our present pathway, is meltdown and ultimate failure for our business community assured? I am not an expert in economics but I often wonder if we have already gone past the tipping point. I don’t think so.

 The whole concept of economic failure makes me shudder. In the event that it ever does happen, I don’t think I want to be around to experience it.

 But wait, I am not about to cash in my chips yet!


 Because I am pretty certain as astute business people we can do some very positive things about improving our economic position. The window of opportunity is wide open. I also believe that business has to lead the way, not our governments.

 The real problem is in making the required changes in what we do. When what we do requires changing, soft step diversification can pay a huge part in the process. Soft step diversification does not mean we do wholesale slaughter on everything we are currently doing and jump headlong into something else just for the sake of change. Soft step diversification means we try new things, test the waters – so to speak – before we jump. Some things will work, some will not.  

 Our first step to implementing soft step diversification in order to implement change is in first ensuring we have the right tools and information to help us realign ourselves, our employees and our businesses for change. Once that has been achieved, moving in the right direction is relatively simple.

 Think of the situation this way.

 Everything we do in business, every decision we make is based on whatever information we have available to us at the time we need to make the decision. The better the information, the better the decision should be. The key is in making sure the information supporting our decision is both pristine and timely.

 Figuring out exactly what we are going to do once we have the information is not nearly as enormous challenge as most people would like to think. We may not know exactly what it is we need to do but we do know that the solution we are looking for definitely involves some sort of change to what we are presently doing.

 So the right answer is “change something”.  Simply try new things and monitor the results.

 To which most people will say: “Hugh! A lot easier said than done!”

 And for the most part, they will be correct. We are creatures of habit, not change. Furthermore, and worse still, most business accounting and information systems are not built for change, not without adding new modules and integration services!

 There-in lays the problem in almost every business in North America.  The traditional ERP or accounting system of almost every company are highly resistant to any form of change. They were built to perform specific tasks and do those tasks in a specific manner. Change, trying new things, is simply not part of their make-up.

 However, the seamless workflow ERP is very different. It is built to encourage change, trying new things. It was designed so that companies can do short term trials and instantly monitor the results so as to quickly determine the feasibility and effectiveness of the change. By quickly determining if a change resulted in a positive or negative result, and if negative, the company can quickly modify the change or dispose of it entirely and try something else. Short term might be a month, a week or maybe even just a day or two. Regardless of the time element, the consequential risk impact is kept very small and change is therefore quite manageable.

 This is what we refer to as soft step diversification.

 The following are some key points about implementing Soft Step Diversification

 It is inexpensive, easy to administer and highly effective.

  1. Typical ERP systems and general off-the-shelf accounting systems do not have this ability, not like ram centric computing.
  2. Soft step diversification may mean trying out your business in a new location or
  3. Taking on a new product line.
  4. Maybe it is in trying short term rentals instead of sales.
  5. The opportunities for soft step diversification are endless – limited only to one’s imagination.
  6. It only requires a desire to keep things very simple and exercising some imagination – remember, simple we like and imagination is the fuel that drives innovation.

 It has proven to be a natural pathway to discovering new options – for every one of our customers – and they love it!  Go ahead, we invite you to give us a call, we would love to tell you more.

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