Affordability – An ERP in Every Business

Introduction:  An automobile in every yard, a personal computer on every desk… Do these sound like familiar statements? Now an ERP in every business! Never before has access to company  information been so simple, so easy to use, so reliable, so fast and, most of all – so very affordable.

 unerplogo Affordability   An ERP in Every BusinessOne of the buzz words today being used by erp companies is WebERP. The beauty of a WebERP is that your business can almost instantly become perfectly consolidated with the potential to further expand to virtually anywhere the internet lives. The beauty of seamless integration is that it also allows you to also diversify too – and do it affordably.

 When the suggestion that the installation of small business erp software could be a realistic option for SMB organizations, their first reaction is definitely related to erp software pricing. The first thought that pops into people’s minds is: “We can’t afford erp management software.” and the opportunity for change, the opportunity to be innovative instantly dies.

 But that has changed! The seamless workflow system has arrived!

 Up until fully integrated data became a reality, the cost of erp software was so frightening that any mention of installing an erp software application or even thinking about anything  closely related to business erp small software was deemed to be nothing more than pie in the sky romanticism. 

 It’s ironic that erp companies marketing erp solutions have emerged that profess to have the ability to help you locate the very best erp software, can supply you with a list of the top 10 erp software companies to purchase your erp financial software from but they all carry a common problem. . The problem is that while these expert erp companies are doing a great job at helping you locate your  top erp software options, these erp software providers tend to look a lot like each other in that they all offer erp system and software modules and integration services which might be the very last thing your company really needs.

 Most of these popular erp software companies will offer you a seemingly endless list of  erp software packages and ensure you that their company is the right one to help you with your erp software implementation. Unfortunately, their erp software sales revenue streams are based on the number of modules they can sell and the amount of integration services they can bill you for.  It’s little wonder that for most, the first reaction to either moving to or replacing current systems tp software for erp is the enormity of the erp software cost. 

 Our sales model is very different, surprisingly scalable and affordable. It is all of these for many reasons. iNfinite Answers, while it really can not be classified as open erp software, it has similarities. One of the similarities is that it is online erp software available at an affordable erp software price. It is offered through our hosted erp software option, or very similarly, as a WebERP – wholly contained within your own organization. In other words, you can use our hosting services or we help you set up and use your own.

 We do not sell modules nor do we typically offer integration services because iNfinite Answers is not made up of modules and our fully seamless integrated data structure is driven by whatever functionality is required to your business.

 The iNfinite Answers pricing model is very different but fundamentally simple and practical.

 First of all, we do not have a charge per module, Our policy is that our customers get to use everything that we have available as long as it is useful to attaining efficiency and high levels of productivity within their businesses. The number of functions they actually use in our offering is not a factor in the pricing formula. iNfinite Answers is primarily a user based model thereby allowing small companies with as few as three users just as equal an opportunity to take advantage of our small business erp software as large companies which may have hundreds of users.

 The key difference in erp pricing compared to our competitors is that their pricing formula is based on selling as much product as possible while ours is based on the number of users. Their hope for the future is based on selling you more modules and integration services while ours is based on ensuring efficiency and productivity in your business. The more efficient and productive your company is, the better we like it and we want to do everything we can to ensure it remains that way.

We invite you to call us and schedule a one-on-one demonstration.  Our objective is to, together, find the ways and means to ensuring that we can make your life easier and help you attain the best level possible for your company in efficiency and productivity.

 In order for us to do this, we have to be assured in our own minds we can do this before entering into a long term business relationship. Simply put, if we cannot, we do not want nor do we deserve to have your business.1104855  world background x 1 Affordability   An ERP in Every Business

 An erp software download is not required. Demonstrating our offering is simple and totally painless. Just give us a call at 1-888-543-7633.

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