The ERP that Simplifies Life

Introduction: When we at 3B Dataservices decided to create the ultimate ERP, the unERP, we took a whole new approach to data design and software development. We know that what is important to you, the user, is far more significant than what is important to us. This page is a verbal snapshot of that exciting new design.

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Who doesn’t want to make more money with a lot less effort? You can do this by using iNfinite Answers to meet both your accounting and ERP needs. Virtually every limitation ever known and/or experienced with traditional accounting and ERP systems becomes obsolete with the power of the iNfinite Answers ERP Accounting and Information System, accessible by a wide range of browser devices including cell phones and iPads.


Businesses using the iNfinite Answers ERP effortlessly retain an unending storehouse of decision enhancing information on anything and everything that ever happened in their business. In so doing, they advance beyond traditional accounting into true accountability and a greatly heightened level of stability.


  • Built on an IBM Platform by an IBM Business Partner
  • Highly Secure, Hacker Proof and Virus Free
  • Easily installed and Easily Implemented
  • Easy to learn at Every User Level
  • Designed for Unlimited Time Data Retention
  • Cloud Proven for WWW Access and Use
  • Exceptionally Fast and Highly Reliable
  • Your working Data is Always Original Data – no silos
  • Highly Scalable from 1 to 1,000`s of Users

Try your new ideas, almost on a whim, to build a successful business and the entire process is one of anticipating what is supposed to happen and then executing all the necessary steps required to make it happen in a safe, efficient and orderly manner.
All of this requires both timely and accurate information but we must always remember, it’s what happens in the shop and on the jobsite that actually makes the money, not what takes place in the information system.


When good information systems are used as a process management tool they can become very effective in controlling production costs but very good systems reduce and control your administrative and IT costs as well.

Exceptionally good systems also help increase corporate revenues by helping business owners create innovative ways to serve the world through a continual exploration and development of new opportunities.

The secret to unlocking the innumerable benefits of the new Infinite Answers Accounting and ERP solution is the power of simplicity. iNfinite Answers helps businesses scheme new and innovative plans and then execute those plans, easily, effectively and best of all affordably, because it is so simple.

Free of integration costs, free of bi-annual up-dates, free of hundreds of traditional edit and update programs and free of limitations on file sizes, even seasoned business leaders would be shocked at how much money they could save with this improved and exciting information system.

For iNfinite Answers users, simplicity means being able to create new modules using old and new data without endangering the integrity of existing data. For example, This allows a manager to gain true insight to exactly why a certain event happened, and how to avoid making the same mistake again. It also means that growth in process and product s can be planned and tracked closely, increasing probability of success.

iNfinite Answers has a unique ability to easily integrate a virtually unlimited number of virtualized modules, all running simultaneously, all in a common database, thereby providing users with convenient quick access to any information that was ever created within the business. iNfinite Answers can be used to prepare quotations quickly by accessing the appropriate data on each required item for the bid. Again, this is handled through a purpose built module.

Users not only have all of the very best of information at their fingertips when it comes time to be formulating critical decisions through the implementation of proven step-by-step processes, but they also learn how to achieve the best in guaranteed, clear-cut backup information to support those decisions should the need ever arise.

Yes, simplicity in ERP and accounting systems has now arrived.

It is simplicity that provides computing strength to uncover and remove the complexity of traditional ERP systems. iNfinite Answers is designed to help unleash the best you and your staff can possibly personally accomplish in producing dependable, quality results.
Available in the cloud or on-location, this system features a wide range of existing modules designed for Manufacturing, Construction, Mining and related industrial processes, which, through imbedded business rules, and very little if any programming, can quickly, safely and easily be implemented in a wide range of specific or mixed business environments.
Whether you are an entrepreneur or representative of a company employing a large number of users, and you want to learn more, please feel free to take a private tour of our website at www.infiniteanswers.ca. Contact us and we will be happy to provide a quote to meet your needs.

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